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ICE 200 - Skyworks Aerials

Institution of Civil Engineers 200 Years

Throughout 2018, ICE (the Institution of Civil Engineers) will celebrate 200 years since its founding with its ‘Invisible Superheroes’ exhibition.

The exhibition – stylised with a comic book superheroes theme – is designed to champion civil engineers and their invaluable role in creating the structures and systems that make up our world.

ICE’s stated aim is to inspire the next generation of civil engineers.

At Skyworks, thanks of our aerial perspectives of cities, towns, and landscapes, we are often struck by the many amazing ways that people have shaped the world in order to improve our living conditions, our travel, our health, and our happiness.

But because the achievements of engineering are literally all around us (to the point that it’s all too easy to take it for granted) it would require way more than a quick blog post to do them justice.

So to do our small part in creating awareness, throughout 2018 we at Skyworks will be taking a look through our HD aerial collection to highlight some of our favourite engineering achievements.

Watch this space!

Below is a short clip of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the highest in the world. It is just one engineering feat amongst many designed by master engineer Thomas Telford, who would become the first president of ICE in 1820.

ICE’s info about their exhibition – https://www.ice.org.uk/events/exhibitions/ice-invisible-superheroes-exhibition

Search our HD aerial footage archive: https://www.skyworks-stock.com/

Picture: Sister Act 5 by Klàro on OpenClipart – https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/