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A World of Aerial Stock Footage


If you are creating anything from a feature film to a website, Skyworks aerial stock footage can help you tell your story in the best way possible.

The Skyworks Archive contains over 120,000 high quality aerial HD clips from 4 continents – covering special places, beautiful landscapes and a world of natural and man-made phenomena. All our stock footage is filmed by us, always using the highest technical and editorial standards.

You can find what you need using our text and unique map search tools, and licensing is simple, instant and online. We also offer a bespoke service, if you want your clips made to order, or just want to discuss your footage needs with our archive staff.

As programme-makers ourselves, we are proud to have one of the best aerial stock footage collections in the world – and to be chosen by many of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters to supply their footage needs. We hope that our content can help you tell your story.

A New Deal for Content-Makers

Our online aerial stock footage licensing has been DRAMATICALLY simplified. All our clips (over 120,000 and counting) are now individually priced. This clip price covers usage in all your projects, territories and available formats – for all time (see licence terms for full details). You will never have to pay Skyworks any further usage rights for our stock footage.

What’s more, we have automated our supply system, so you can download your clips online, whenever you need them.

Bespoke? 4K?

If you want ungraded stock footage, special edits, 4k remastering … or pretty much anything that isn’t ‘one size fits all’, then our bespoke service is for you. We can research your needs, get you test materials and prepare your order directly from our 1st gen masters in any format you need. Saving you time and providing the ultimate quality in aerial stock footage.

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Unique Map Search Tool

Skyworks’ Footage Map allows you to search for our aerial stock footage by map and text. Over 12,000 locations are represented by short videos made from our material – just click through to see all the clips from that location. You can also add a text search term, so for instance, you could see all the castles we have filmed in Germany. As all Skyworks footage is geocoded, this facility is unique to our archive.

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Search Hints

Skyworks-Stock uses advanced search systems to match your query with our collection. Note that this works word by word, unless you use quotation marks. So  Lake District as a search string will return the best matches for Lake and District (and both), but not necessarily together. “Lake District” will search for that phrase.

You can also use “+” and “-”  to indicate mandatory or prohibited words. ‘+castle +wales’ will return clips with both castle and wales in them (ie, castles in wales!). ‘+castles +wales -Beaumaris’ would give you clips where ‘Wales’ and ‘Castles’ appeared in the metadata, but not ‘Beaumaris’ – ie all welsh castles except Beaumaris. Do note that occasionally the wiki keywords mean that exceptions may occur (see below).

Our search system will try to match your search with our keywords, but remember you can also use the map search if you are looking for a specific geographic location.

Skyworks search also interrogates thousands of keywords derived from Wikipedia entries. So, for instance, you could search for “Ayrton Senna” and this will show you where he is buried, or “16th-century coastal artillery fort” and you will see clips of Deal Castle in the UK (which is one).


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